Eyes Wide Open!

17/06/2016 - 21/08/2016

Eyes Wide Open! 100 years of Leica photography

This summer St. Peter’s Abbey will be the first venue in a European tour of the Eyes Wide Open! exhibition. By way of more than 350 vintage photos visitors will be able to discover the rich history of 100 years of Leica photography.

In 1925 the compact Leica camera freed photography from the limitations of the studio. From now on photography became accessible to everyone and started to become a part of everyday life. Eyes Wide Open! outlines the rapidly evolving view of the world this produced.

Apart from the work of internationally renowned photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Araki Nobuyoshi, William Eggleston and Bruce Gilden, the exhibition includes original sketches, magazines, books and Leica cameras as well as a special selection of photographs by Belgian Leica photographers .